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Charlene Hansen, MD (Navajo)

Charlene Hansen, MD (Navajo)


Ya’at’eeh.  I’m Charlene Avery Hansen, MD.  I’m an internal medicine physician.  I am Navajo from northwestern New Mexico.  My clan is the Red House People, I was born for Water Flows Together People.  I am grateful to our membership for the opportunity to serve as Secretary for the AAIP Board for the next two years.  I have been an AAIP member since 1991.  AAIP was instrumental in my preparation for medical school beginning with the Summer Live In Program, the Pre-Admissions Workshop, and the early mentoring offered so generously from several AAIP members.  I have many lifelong friends and heroes within the family of AAIP.  I am truly honored and humbled to serve our membership, our students, and our communities. 

In the past I have served on the AAIP Board in many roles over several years.  I will bring this experience to my work as Secretary.  I hope to encounter many of our members over the course of the next two years in order to be more responsive to our members’ needs and suggestions for the ongoing growth and impact of our beloved organization.  I know there will be extensive outreach to our young people to encourage their pursuit of a medical career and I look forward to this work.  As an organization, we constantly struggle for a larger footprint in the world of medicine and the world at large.  I hope to contribute to this effort in a meaningful way. 

My background includes undergraduate studies at Harvard University, medical education at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, internal medicine residency at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Pennsylvania, and a career spent in health care administration and clinical care.  My career previously focused on Indian health and federal service.  I now serve as the Medical Director for One Community Health providing care to an underserved population. 

I live in California with my husband and our five dogs—come visit!