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How Are Donations Used?

Donations are used to assist American Indian and Alaska Native students in their journey to become a physician.  AAIP offers programs for high school, college, and medical students to provide the support system, resources, and services necessary for students to realize their dreams of becoming a physician.  Also:

To address the widely acknowledged health disparities faced by AI/AN people. AAIP health programs include diabetes management and prevention, obesity prevention, and improving healthy lifestyle behaviors.

To provide programs and services to improve healthy relationships among American Indian and Alaska Native families through relationship skills-building, education, and resources.

To advocate for policy, systems, and environmental changes at the local and national level to change contexts in which AI/AN live, work, and play so that healthy behaviors are easily accessible and affordable to our Native people.

To promote American Indian and Alaska Native culture and traditions by providing forums where modern medicine combines with traditional healing to enhance culturally appropriate health care delivery to American Indian and Alaska Native communities.