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“To pursue excellence in Native American health care by promoting education in the medical disciplines, honoring traditional healing principles and restoring the balance of mind, body, and spirit” 


Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP) is a national organization that strives to serve its members and aims to improve the overall health of American Indian and Alaska Native communities. AAIP manages several programs funded by different agencies to address widely acknowledged disparities in American Indian and Alaska Native health. AAIP also endeavors to motivate American Indian and Alaska Native students to remain in the academic pipeline and to pursue a career in the health professions and/or biomedical research, thereby increasing the number of American Indian and Alaskan Native medical professionals in the workforce. AAIP’s membership is made up of American Indian and Alaska Native physicians. 

AAIP maintains its headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; however, educational forums, workshops and conferences are hosted throughout the year in different regions of the United States. 


This is an executive position requiring a highly skilled and motivated person with ongoing commitment to the goals of AAIP. The following scope of duties is meant to be illustrative, but not exhaustive, and to demonstrate the comprehensive nature of the executive position. The ability to broadly manage these categories, develop and capture appropriate metrics for the categories as able, and to advance organizational improvement is foundational to this position in order for AAIP to meet its goals. 

Executive Organizational Management

The Executive Director manages the day to day operations of AAIP with a full staff and has responsibilities that include the entire gamut of business management, i.e., full hiring/terminating authority, employee relations, performance evaluation of staff, payroll oversight, establishing and maintaining all aspects of governmental compliance, and issues of the physical plant. 

Executive Director - Board of Director Relations

The importance of the relationship between the Executive Director and the AAIP Board of Directors cannot be overstated. The AAIP Board of Directors will select the Executive Director, and the Executive Director will report to the AAIP Board of Directors. The Executive Director allows for the continued comprehensive advancement of the organizational goals. As such, it is essential that the Executive Director be both responsive to the Board of Directors, as well as pro-active in helping coordinate communication and institutional memory on behalf of the Board of Directors. The Executive Director and Board of Directors will work closely together on updating the strategic plan for AAIP as needed on a regular basis. 

Executive Director- Member Relations

This is a category that is at the core of our success as we are a member organization. With many time commitments in the lives of our physicians, AAIP must remain relevant, supportive and exciting to our members. This requires substantial and ongoing multimodality communication with our members. Furthermore there is substantial potential for growth of our organization, thus increasing membership and retaining current members will be a crucial metric in the success of the Executive Director. Critical to our membership is the success of the Annual Meeting and the Cross Cultural workshop:two major meeting events of the year and are essential work products of the organization. 

Organizational-Institutional Relations

AAIP develops and maintains many institutional relationships both within and outside of academic medicine; as well as, many associated or supportive groups. Examples include colleges, universities, National Indian Health Board, National Council on Urban Indian Health, Association of Native American Medical Students, American Medical Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, medical societies, local/state/federal governmental agencies, a variety of foundations, and many more. The Executive Director serves as the longstanding point of contact for many of these relationships; therefore, it is imperative that the director fosters, understands and is responsive to these ongoing relationships/interactions; and seeks to represent AAIP in the best light at all times. 

Grant and Programmatic Outreach

Grant support provides both financial support and facilitates organizational goals to improve American Indian and Alaska Native health; as well as, increase the number of American Indian and Alaska Native health care professionals. The identification, application, receipt, and administration of these programs remain an essential component of AAIP. Examples of current and previous grant agency collaborations include: CDC, NIH, OMH, IHS, tribal entities, pharmaceutical companies, and private foundations. Knowledge of grant processes, i.e., planning, budgeting, reporting and forecasting are essential requirements of this position. The Executive Director will oversee the coordination of student outreach efforts including the National Native American Youth Initiative, Pre- admission Workshops, American Indians Accessing Health Professions Workshop, etc. The Executive Director will work with the Board of Directors to achieve long-term financial stability for AAIP. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university (Master’s degree highly desirable).
  • Knowledge of the medical education process and understanding of the demands of medical students, residents, fellows and physicians.
  • Five or more years of administrative and leadership experience of an organization or business.
  • Budgeting and financial planning experience necessary
  • Grant-writing experience with proven success at planning, receiving, and managing grants from both private and governmental agencies.
  • Comfort with public speaking and media presentations at a variety of venues and audience sizes.
  • Strong communication skills including an ability to foster a collaborative work environment, provide clear expectations, and to encourage and maintain openness with staff to allow for two-way feedback and effective teamwork.
  • Effective time management skills, including an awareness of when to delegate responsibilities.
  • Problem solving skills and ability to handle adversity and function efficiently and effectively under pressure.
  • Innovation, creativity, and ability to implement new ideas.
  • Ability to lift, push, and pull approximately 25 lbs. on a daily basis.
  • Ability and willingness to travel extensively.


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