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47th Annual Meeting and National Health Conference - 2018

Posted by Margaret Knight on 07/13/2020

47th Annual Meeting and National Health Conference
“Interweaving Strands of Our Past, Present & Future into Medicine”
We-Ko-Pa, Fort McDowell, Arizona
July 26-29, 2018

AAIP conducts a National Health Conference to serve as a forum for healthcare professionals, policy makers, and tribal/community members concerned with American Indian/Alaska Native health, healthcare, community wellness, and honoring Native traditions.

The basket on the cover provided by the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, c 1900, artist unknown.  Artwork by Siobhan Wescott

“This annual meeting and health conference is a premier American Indian and Alaska Native health forum for learning and sharing new ideas or concepts, informing and interacting with one another.  We will have one incredible keynote speaker, Mr. Billy Mills, who will focus on how we can ensure success of ourselves as individuals of our communities, and the planet in a world driven by exponential accelerating technological and social change, globalization, and a push for more creative and context-driven innovations.”…..Tom Anderson, AAIP Exercutive Director.

 AAIP is thankful for all the attendees, presenters, sponsors, exhibitors, vendors and students for participating in this important gathering.

Conference Agenda 

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