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Reclaiming Public Health: Stories of Self-Determination from Tribes

Dr. Doris Cook has thirty-five years experience with American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Her focus over the last three decades has been on indigenous policy development, program and organizational management, program evaluation, public health planning and research ethics.

A Think Tank: Weaving Medicine, Public Health, and Native Amercia

The Association of American Indian Physicians through our cooperative agreement with the CDC, OSTLTS will sponsor a 3 day think-tank in Tuscon, AZ that will focus on developing a curriculum for a Native Public Health Course(s) for Schools of Medicine

43rd AAIP Meeting & Health Conference: Call for Abstract

The Association of American Indian Physicians conducts a national health conference to serve as a forum for healthcare professionals, policy makers and tribal/community members concerned with American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) health issues. AAIP is seeking presentations that address treatment and prevention of health disparities common in AI/AN communities (i.e., obesity, diabetes, cancer); new and expanded programs for mental and behavioral health treatment and prevention;

43rd AAIP Meeting and Health Conference: Research Poster Announcement

The Association of American Indian Physicians is seeking posters that address childhood obesity, strokes, mental health, cerebral vascular disease, kidney disease/renal failure, musculoskeletal disease, osteoarthritis, autoimmune disease/lupus, rheumatology, trauma-suicide, homicide, domestic violence, automobile accidents, poisoning, depression, fetal alcohol syndrome, HIV, Prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, substance abuse and self-inflicted trauma.