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Providers who serve American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) patients represent a unique group of stakeholders that deserve particular attention in implementing clinical quality improvement techniques to improve blood pressure control.

The Hypertension Control Change Package (HCCP) was developed to provide health care practices with a menu of evidence-based strategies to improve hypertension control.

AAIP partnered with the Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas and Hunter Health Clinic to improve clinical systems and processes by putting a few of the improvement interventions to the test.  

The Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas (UITCT) decided to establish a program to support home blood pressure monitoring.  The program began as a loan-out model, but based on feedback from participants, it shifted towards each patient whose blood pressure was not controlled would receive a monitor for long-term use.  The monitors would be provided to hypertensive patients in the same manner as patients with diabetes receive a glucometer.   Each patient was provided with proper instruction on how to take their blood pressure, record the readings, and contact the center in the event of a high reading.  This program helped UITCT staff strengthen their existing team-based approach, and increase their overall hypertension control rate.

Hunter Health Clinic (HHC) chose to provide patients with educational materials to help them understand hypertension and its implications along with tools to support goal setting.  After the 90 trial period, HHC staff decided to focus their efforts towards ensuring that a standard algorithm was in place for hypertension treatment, and that all staff were following proper procedures for accurate blood pressure readings.  These changes led HHC to develop standards of care that would be consistent across all three locations.

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