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Join the oldest and most prominent American Indian/Alaska Native physician organization dedicated to motivate AI/AN students to pursue careers in health care and to improve the health of American Indian/Alaska Natives.

By joining this dedicated group of over 450 AI/AN physicians, who have far ranging expertise and experience encompassing a variety of medical specialties, to impact many health issues facing AI/AN communities. Becoming an AAIP member can enhance your professional development plus provide national networking opportunities to support future generations of Native health care providers by serving as role models for a variety of AAIP student programs. Many life-long professional relationships and friendships are formed among the AAIP members finding strength in numbers and establishing a support system for fellow members. Over the past 49 years, AAIP has provided many opportunities and services to AI/AN students and its membership. Here are the different membership options for physicians:

A prospective member need only to provide sufficient verification or proof of American Indian or Alaska Native descent to be eligible for full voting membership. AAIP leadership acknowledges the many committed Native physicians who are less than a 1/8th blood quantum and we value their contributions to AI/AN health and to our Association. Please seriously consider re-establishing your membership or if not previously a member please join and support our mission.

The AAIP Mission Statement:
“To pursue excellence in Native American health care by promoting education in the medical disciplines, the balance of mind, body, and spirit.”

Membership Categories, Eligibility & Qualifications

Voting Membership

There shall be only one (1) class of Voting Members within the Association. Those individuals desiring to be a Voting Member shall complete the appropriate application process. To be eligible as a Voting Member, an individual must meet one of the following criteria:

Proof of Heritage

Any individual who is an allopathic or osteopathic physician and who is able to provide acceptable verification or proof of American Indian/Alaska Native heritage or ancestry is eligible to become a Voting Member.

Descendency Verification

Acceptable verification or proof may include but is not limited to: certificate degree of Indian blood, tribal enrollment care or letter of descendency.

Current Voting Member

All current-voting members of the Association shall be grandfathered into the Voting Membership category as set forth in the current Bylaws.

Member Dues
Full Member Physician
$250 per year
  • Full voting privileges
Associate Member Physician
$175 per year
Retired Physician
$50 per year
$25 per year

New Member Form

Please send medical degrees received, CDIB, and resume/cv to Echo Duerksen ( after filling out New Member Form.