AAMC Virtual Medical School Fair

March 28th - Mar 29th, 2023


The AAMC Virtual Medical School Fair enables aspiring applicants and premeds like you to connect with medical schools and admissions experts from around the U.S. and Canada. In addition, you can attend information sessions led by admissions officers, current medical students, and other experts. Registrants will also receive a 15% discount on a one-year or two-year MSAR subscription. (Codes are sent within 2 business days after registration.)

Note: In order to register, you must create a new user name and password. The fair platform is separate from other AAMC applications.

Since 2016, over 80,000 aspiring medical students have attended this free event and interacted with experts, medical students, and admissions officers. Some attendees have been offered interviews based on their conversations during the fair.


This year we are excited to announce a new, two-day format for the fair:

Tuesday, March 28: Join us from 11am – 4pm ET for live information sessions on topics related to medical school admissions:

  • 11AM – 12PM ET| An Inside Look at How Admissions Committees Review Applications
    During this session, an admissions officer, an admissions committee member, and an admissions committee Chair will give attendees a “behind-the-scenes’ look at how they review applications. They’ll discuss what their school looks for in applicants and then review sample application materials live and respond to questions from the audience. The purpose of this session is to give applicants insight into the lifecycle of an application from the time it enters the medical school environment, through the admissions committee discussions, to gain a better understanding of how decisions are made.

  • 12PM – 1PM ET| Watch What Happens Live: Mock Interviews with Real Admissions Officers
    Although medical schools use interviews as a tool to evaluate applicants, it’s also a chance for applicants to evaluate the culture of a medical school and determine which schools are the best fit for them. This session will share tips for preparing for both virtual and in-person interviews, explain how schools use interviews as part of their assessment process, allow participants to view live mock interviews and hear feedback from current admissions officers.

  • 1PM – 2PM ET| Ready, Set, Test: Tips on Preparing for the AAMC PREview Exam
    The AAMC PREview™ professional readiness exam is an opportunity to showcase your potential to develop into a well-rounded doctor. Join us to learn more about the PREview exam, preparation materials, and advice on how to prepare.

  • 2PM – 3PM ET | Knowing When, Where and How to Re-Apply
    Listen to the expertise of an admissions officer, prehealth advisor, and successful reapplicants as they discuss how to review an unsuccessful application for lessons learned, red flags, or areas of opportunity. They’ll also discuss how to know when you’re ready to apply again, where to apply (same schools, new schools, remove schools), and key strategies to consider when trying to demonstrate your improvement.

  • 3PM – 4PM ET| How to Write an Impactful Personal Statement
    The personal statement is a substantial piece of your application: it’s an opportunity to share your ‘why’ for becoming a physician. But how do you write a memorable essay that highlights your strengths, differentiates you, and enhances your application? In this live session admissions officers will answer these questions and others, including:

    • What are the common mistakes or misconceptions applicants have about the personal statement?
    • What are schools looking for, and how does this essay differ from other secondary application prompts?
    • Is there any information applicants should NOT include, such as: disclosure of a disability, ADHD, anxiety and/or depression, or blemishes on their record?

    Join us to learn tips for crafting a powerful personal statement and get advice directly from admissions officers.

    Wednesday, March 29: Join us from 11am to 8pm ET to chat with representatives from medical schools, associations and student groups.

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