Future Physicians for Change Conference

May 30th - Jun 1st, 2024
Washington, D.C.

“Future Physicians for Change is happening in Washington DC this year: a 3-day convention wholly designed to empower the next generation of physicians to become medical leaders, advocates for equity, and inspired healers. A sneak peek of what’s in store: Residency and Specialty Fair, Pre-Health Fair, SIM Challenge, poster presentations, Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill — to name a few of the programs. This is not your typical health care conference; this is your stepping stone to a brighter future in healthcare. And this is where it happens. 

Grab this opportunity to enhance your CV, win cash prizes, showcase your ideas, and connect with mentors and like-minded peers. The journey starts now.

Explore the opportunities for you and join us >> fp4change.org #WeDare” 

All ANAMS members will get the same pricing as AMSA members for registration. ANAMS members can register here: https://fp4change.org/register/members/

The conference will also be having closed sessions for ANAMS members throughout the conference on Friday, May 31st, from 7:30-8:30am, followed by another session on Saturday, June 1st, from 7-8am.

For more information you can visit the fp4change.org website.