SHPEP Virtual Health Professions Fair Exhibiting

Jan 24th, 2024

Event Highlights:

1. Virtual Exploration: Step into our virtual environment from the comfort of your own space. Navigate through a user-friendly interface designed to replicate the experience of an in-person fair.

2. Exhibitor Booths: Visit interactive exhibitor booths representing various institutions, including universities, healthcare organizations, and educational programs. Discover information about programs, resources, and opportunities to further your career in the health professions.

3. Live Chat Sessions: Engage in real-time conversations with representatives from participating organizations. Whether you’re seeking advice, have specific questions, or want to learn more about a particular program, our live chat sessions provide direct and personalized interaction.

4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse audience, including fellow participants, alumni, program representatives, and healthcare professionals. Build valuable networks that can support your educational and career aspirations.

5. Resource Center: Access a comprehensive resource center offering a wealth of information, documents, and multimedia content related to health professions education. Whether you’re exploring career paths or seeking guidance on the application process, our resource center is a valuable hub of information.’