AAIP supports Dr. John Molina as a nominee for IHS Director

September 20, 2018
Posted by Jamie McDaniel on 09/20/2018

AAIP considers member John Molina, MD, JD as a qualified candidate for the position of Indian Health Service Director.  If selected and confirmed, Dr. Molina would be the fourth member to serve in that position. 

Recently, AAIP was asked to meet with the Department of Health and Human Services – White House Liaison that has been tasked with gathering names of qualified candidates for the open IHS Director position.  This representative was already in possession of Dr. Molina’s name and AAIP’s supporting letter.  It was encouraging to see that the White House is interested in the opinion of AAIP with regards to filling the vacancy. 

Dr. Molina will meet with representatives from the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council in the weeks ahead concerning his nomination.