ATTN: AAIP Members Video Script

January 21, 2021
Posted by Margaret Knight on 01/21/2021 Ivy and I did a series of short videos in the clinic yesterday. We did 6 videos and the longest is 28 seconds long. I used the script I suggested earlier (repeated below): In bold is the standard beginning and the standard ending. Listed by number is the content of the video in each of the separate videos. PLEASE CONTACT MISSY BEGAY TO SEND HER YOUR VIDEOS. YOU HAVE LIBERTY TO CHOOSE A TOPIC, A MYTH, AN IMPORTANT FACT OR WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE, BUT PLEASE KEEP IT BRIEF. Use the standard beginning and ending shown in bold below. “Hello (in native language). I’m Dr. ______ with the Association of American Indian Physicians. I’m (tribe) and a (specialty) physician in (city, state, reservation or however you want to identify location).“ 1). “There is no virus or virus particles in the vaccine. You CANNOT get COVID-19 from the vaccine.” 2). “The vaccine is given in 2 doses 21 or 28 days apart.” 3). “The COVID-19 vaccine requires 2 doses given 21 or 28 days apart. The first dose primes the immune system and the second dose gives optimal immunity.” 4). “Some people can feel sick after the second dose of the vaccine. This is NOT COVID-19, but is a reaction of your immune system being activated.” 5). “Even after getting the vaccine, we need to continue to wear masks, wash our hands, maintain social distance, avoid large gatherings and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.” 6). “We don’t know how long immunity lasts from COVID-19 or from the vaccine. Even if you have had COVID-19, you should still get the vaccine.” Standard ending: “We need your help to end this pandemic. Get the vaccine. Thank you (in native language).” If these are tweets or Facebook posts or anything written, then hashtags should be used. #IndigiVax #EndThePandemic #BeAWarrior. Other hashtags as we come up with them.–   Anti-vaccine messaging is already having a strong presence on social media, we’ll need to work very hard to get massive buy-in for the vaccines.