CoPAInT Opportunity to Address Pediatric Health Disparities

June 23, 2020
Posted by Margaret Knight on 06/23/2020 The Collaborative of Pediatric American Indian Trainees, or CoPAInT, is a new national organization dedicated to promoting medical trainee engagement in advocacy and policy work centered on the health of American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) children.    CoPAInT offers an opportunity to address pediatric health disparities by motivating AI/AN trainees and non-AI/AN allies to pursue a career in pediatrics and connecting them to job opportunities in IHS, tribal, or Urban Indian Health Centers. CoPAInT will also support the training of clinicians who incorporate advocacy and policy skills into their daily practice.    CoPAInT members will be supported in their scholarly and professional development through opportunities to develop skills related to research and manuscript authorship and assist with policy development and review.   General membership is open to all medical trainees, ranging from pre-medical students through fellowship trainees.    We are eager to collaborate with a group of trainees passionate about AI/AN child health. We invite you to complete the following form if you are interested in joining CoPAInT: 
Please reach out with any questions: CoPOInT Promo Slides