Indian Health Service Hosts Joint Tribal Advisory Committees Meeting

October 10, 2016
Posted by AAIP News on 10/10/2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Devin Delrow,    Indian Health Service Hosts Joint  Tribal Advisory Committees Meeting      On Sunday, October 9, 2016 the National Indian Health Board (NIHB) participated in a Strategy Session and World Cafe hosted by the Indian Health Service (IHS). The session was the first ever joint meeting between the Indian Health Services’ Direct Service Tribes Advisory Committee (DSTAC), Tribal Self-Governance Advisory Committee (TSGAC), and the Department of Health and Human Services’ Secretary’s Tribal Advisory Committee (STAC). The purpose of this session was two fold: to generate concrete ideas to establish a framework for transformative change in the IHS that can be implemented immediately, and provide a forum to host a discussion among advisory committee members to share goals, objecties, and strategic plans of the DSTAC, TSGAC, and STAC.     The World Café held in the afternoon tasked Tribal leaders, representatives, and federal officials with developing creative short term and long term solutions to address the workforce recruitment and retention problems faced by IHS. To facilitate this collaborative session, NIHB  brought in Dr. Brian Thompson, (Oneida) At Large Director of the Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP) to share his perspective as a physician, previously working in the I/T/U system and driving the conversation through helpful anecdotes and facts. “This is a tangible step towards addressing the incredible workforce shortage the Indian Health Services currently faces.” Stacy A. Bohlen, Executive Director of NIHB. The collaborative session was a huge success with IHS committed to sharing a report on the meeting and the solutions brought forth by the end of October.     NIHB and AAIP are currently working on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize the partnership between the two organizations that are working towards a better future for American Indians and Alaska Natives.     Click here for the Indian Health Service Briefing Power Point from Sunday, October 9th. ___________________________________________________________________
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