Medical Equipment Request for Proposal

November 20, 2014
Posted by AAIP News on 11/20/2014




Funds are available for medical equipment purchases for clinics/hospitals that serve American Indian and Alaska Native populations. These funds have been made available, through a philanthropic donor, for clinics/hospitals that have a dire need for new or upgraded medical equipment.

To be considered, a proposal should be submitted to the Association of American Indian Physicians that demonstrates:

  • A dire need – which requires identifying specific medical equipment:

          (a) that is necessary to provide basic health care and that currently does      not exist at the clinic/hospital or medical equipment that needs to be replaced because it is no longer operational,

          (b) whose lack results in causing patients to choose between long drives to other providers or foregoing medical help altogether and

          (c) whose acquisition will materially benefit the health needs of the community.

  • Equipment should be identified by make, model and price, and proposed source of purchase (any prior relationship between the clinic/hospital and the medical equipment supplier must be disclosed).
  • Expertise in the use of the requested equipment should be indicated.
  • Clinics must serve American Indian or Alaska Native populations, predominantly (at least 75%) or exclusively.
  • Equipment proposal should be not exceed $40,000.
  • Email submissions should be titled “Medical Equipment Proposal”

Submission deadline:        December 1st, 2014

Send proposals to:           Association of American Indian Physicians
                                      1225 Sovereign Row, Suite 103
                                      Oklahoma City, OK  73108          

Email:            Margaret Knight, Executive Director


Fax #:           405-946-7651