2023 MSTAR Application

December 16, 2022

The MSTAR program provides medical students short-term research training in aging and geriatrics with successful mentors in the field, with the goal of encouraging medical students to consider careers as physician scientists in aging research.
In this program students spend 8-12 weeks:

  1. conducting aging research under the close supervision of an experienced mentor and the mentor’s research team
  2. acquiring essential research skills
  3. networking with other medical students and faculty who share an interest in aging research
  4. learning about careers in aging
  5. learning about common clinical topics in aging; and
  6. participating in clinical care of the aged

Since 1989, more than 450 medical students have participated in this program and its precursor, the Medical Student Geriatric Scholars Program. Each year, students present their research at local and national meetings. Many students have won awards at these meetings and many have published their work in medical journals.

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