Center for Indigenous Health New Website: Tribal Opioid Litigation Resources

October 11, 2023

Tribal opioid settlements are beginning to be distributed to federally-recognized tribes across the United States. This is why the Center for Indigenous Health is beyond excited to introduce the brand-new Tribal Principles website, where tribal leaders and community members can access culturally-relevant, Indigenous-centered guidance to consider when allocating the tribal opioid settlement dollars. Visit the website here:

Key Themes for Tribal Principles:
1. The Tribal Principles offer culturally-relevant, Indigenous-centered guidance to consider when creating their spending plans for use of the tribal opioid settlements.
2. These tribal opioid settlement dollars are flexible, and there are many areas in which the funds can be spent. The Tribal Principles website offers guidance, resources and examples of areas, programs and services to allocate these funds.
3. The Tribal Principles were created with the guidance of an expert Indigenous Advisory Committee, with feedback from Indigenous and allied researchers, tribal leaders, service providers, and tribal community members at listening sessions held throughout the United States, as well as from scholarship and the practice experiences of the core Tribal Principles Project Team of Indigenous researchers.