HEAL Southwest Leadership Cohort

March 21, 2024

The HEAL Southwest Leadership Cohort is an 18 month program designed for Indigenous nurses employed in Indigenous serving facilities in Fort Defiance/Gallup or surrounding areas.

HEAL Background

HEAL has a 10 year proven track record of providing leadership development and transformation programming to health workers committed to the rural underserved, and has worked in Navajo Nation from its very first year. HEAL has supported 44 health professionals working in Navajo-serving facilities, of which 37 identify as Navajo, 3 identify as Indigenous and 4 identify as non-Indigenous. We have seen transformation that allowed Navajo health workers to grow personally and professionally. Therefore, to continue to expand HEAL’s accompaniment of Indigenous health workers, HEAL is adding a second leadership program for nurses in Navajo Nation and surrounding areas.

Southwest Leadership Cohort Details

The program seeks to provide intensive leadership training to transform 8-10 Indigenous fellows to become leaders and advocates in the community in which they live and work. We aim to recruit nurses dedicated to improving the health of their communities and want to build individual and community capacity to stay in this work for the long haul. Participants complete the program alongside working full time at their site/organization.

Applicants must submit an application and receive support from their supervisor (NOTE: no letter of recommendation needed.)

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