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Tribal Grant Writing Training

Free Tribal Grant Writing Resources

Prepare for your next big grant with our online training and resources. These tools will help you write American Indian/Alaska Native grant proposals and/or to train others to do so.

Our grant writing training is designed specifically for tribes and tribal organizations to:

  • Increase the knowledge of grant proposal development
  • Teach how to write a good abstract
  • Understand what is going to be done for the grant and grant evaluation

These materials cover a lot of grant writing information in depth. Please allow at least 2 days or more to cover all the material available.

Grant Writing Training Downloads

Grant writing resources are available in various file formats so that you can download and make updates to the presentations, or simply just download.

Proposal Development for American Indian Communities Manual


Train-the-Trainer Workshop
Lesson Plan


Additional Resources

Office of Minority Health Resource Center

American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities can request a Tribal Vision, Design and Capacity (VDC) technical grant writing workshop, which is part of their Higher Education Technical Assistance Project (HETAP).  This initiative provides professionals with strategies to make grant proposals more competitive. Visit the OMH Website 

AAIP provides these online resources for Tribal Grant Writing Training geared toward tribes/tribal organizations.